Villainous But Favourites!

“Hush Pickles … MMMMmmmmm if I remember correctly these started out as the fluffy and delicious treat called a Hush Puppy. Then one night I got to try the Hush Pickles … Mind Blown!!! Seriously a mouth-watering idea and a wonderful side dish to my Pulled Pork Sammy, Coleslaw and Fries.

On to the Pulled Pork Sammy review which starts off with a mature taste of seasonings, a sweet twist and then a kick of warmth. This sandwich could make a vegan love meat. Now whether you are a slaw lover or not … you MUST pile this on your Sammy (Please try it). This creamy crunchy side dish/topping is a full package of goodness and who knew that a slaw could be so sweet tasting!!
Thank you for feeding me.
I will be the girl in the white car following your truck!” ~Sarah Holmstrom’s Favourites

Hush Pickles, Fried Cornbread Dumplings, Sarah's Favourites







“I love the coleslaw! I usually wouldn’t consider myself a coleslaw eater, but it was so good that I went back for seconds!  Such a great combination of flavours!”   ~ Tracy Schmitz’s Favourites

Coleslaw Serving, Fresh Coleslaw In Garlic Aioli, Tracy's Favourites







“What can I say about this comfort food. It is SO delicious! If you are craving some down home comfort eat this sandwich. If you are craving something gooey and wonderful eat this sandwich. Actually….just eat this sandwich!!”   ~ Amanda Willson’s Favourites

Supreme Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Griddled Mac N Cheese Stuffed In Grilled Cheese, Comfort Food, Amanda's Favourites









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