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Grillin’ Like A Villain – How This All Started!

Grillin’ Like A Villain – How This All Started!

Grillin’ Like A Villain – Where It Began…

They say, “Everything happens for a reason”. Truer words have never been spoken. Two years ago Grillin’ Like A Villain or me owning a restaurant or food company was a dream often talked about during everyone’s favourite conversation, “What I would do if I won the lottery?”.

I have always been a fanatic of food, cooking it and eating it. I had some skills taught to me at a young age by my parents, and working in restaurants. Then something changed my life…

I got a job in marketing, a US based company, which flew me to Texas for 1 week of training. Breakfast was your everyday run of the mill breakfast served by hotels which was okay. Then lunch hit…and dinner…and a new yet different food love affair was born…Southern and Tex Mex. The steak, the Mexican, the burgers, the meatloaf, even the local panzerottas/calzones from this little hole in the wall beside the hotel were unbelievable. I grew up in an Italian family eating homemade pastas, meatballs, lasagnas, veal cutlets, and pizzas, so to say my taste buds lacked excitement is not the case.

I came back changed; possessed almost.

All I talked about to my foodie friends was the quality of food I was able to cram in my face in 5 days. As the days passed and I worked at this marketing company all I talked about with co-workers was the food, even people who trained in Texas 2 years prior, plus how we all tried to duplicate those dishes. At home I kicked up my game, I started experimenting more. Not only with Southern and Tex Mex, but Thai, East and West Indian, Korean, Jamaican  French, Singapore and Irish Dishes. I tried lobster coquilles, creme brulee, jerk chicken, rice and peas, Korean short ribs, Irish stew and even curries.

To say the transformation started is an understatement. In May 2012, my wife and I went on a road trip to Western New York on a Man V Food and a Triple D tour. The food was unbelievable and I began to stew in the thought of going back to my roots in the food industry.

Grillin Like A Villain - How It All Started

I even fired up the BBQ more often, invested in a smoker, and began hanging out at the local butcher.

One of my personal Facebook posts in 2012 read,

Wow! In my freezer…Beef, chicken, pork, elk, veal, lamb, lobster, and hot Italian, andouille, elk and chorizo sausages. AND 3 kinds of bacon!!!! I love Whitby”

When I mean I started BBQing More…My summer included BBQing and smoking things such as a full pig, 10 racks of ribs at a time, home made chipotles and I started perfecting the art of smoking pulled pork.

The Summer of 2012 was the time in my life when I stopped concentrating on my “Corporate Career” and began focusing day and night on my new project. I spent time talking with food industry professionals in Durham Region, and talking to my professional mentors, and business leaders. My wife and I were heading to a friends place one night when I dropped the bomb on her…I was going to open a gourmet food truck and catering company. The fact that I had her unequivocal support and stating that the idea was “so me” made it an easy choice to continue moving forward.  The company originally was going to be called something else, (that I wont divulge) until one night my wife said to me. “You know how you love Batman and you always say ‘chillin’ like a villain’? (A Line Made Famous by Mr. Freeze) Why don’t you name the company ‘Grillin’ Like A Villain?”

THAT WAS IT! I sat in silence for a few minutes amazed at the brilliance of that one question at 3 am. I loved it…it was me…it was PERFECT!

I didn’t go to bed…for almost days it felt like. I changed the business plan, the marketing materials, the website and social media pages I was working on, went and registered my business. We started testing food selections and practicing menu items and speaking with vendors. I sat back in the fall and decided it was time. December had me announcing to my immediate family and local business community that I was doing this…Grillin’ Like A Villain was here! The catering wing of the business is open for business and has been serving up gourmet fresh fare in Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, and Oshawa. We are still working on getting the truck built and are hoping to have it on the road in Spring of 2013.

So that’s it…that’s my story! Grillin’ Like A Villain…Serving up gourmet fresh fare to wherever you are.

Thanks for reading.

~ The Villain